Dawn of Time

Welcome to the Dawn of Time.
Will you join or leave? Fight or flee?

You find yourself if a place of black and grey, will you find your way?

Check out the information on the environment on which you now roam. Will you be a survivor? Will you fight or flee? Stay or Leave? Welcome to the Dawn of Time....

    Ember, the Fire Within

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    Ember, the Fire Within Empty Ember, the Fire Within

    Post  Èmber on Sun Sep 02, 2012 11:17 pm

    Name: Ember
    Age: 1 month
    Gender: Female, Fae

    Breed: Gray wolf
    Body: Small and sleek frame but with powerful muscles ready to spring from the darkness.
    Fur: A majestic midnight black that blends with the shadows while soft to the touch
    Eyes: Large and round with an astounding emerald green coloring that can turn from soft with innocent to gleaming ferociously in a heartbeat.

    Personality: Sweet, kind, loving and trustworthy. She learns quickly but is always hungry for knowledge. She treats her pack-mates with great respect and joy, but turns into a, how you say, mini beast when it comes to enemies.
    Likes: Experementing, exploring, and having fun
    Dislikes: boring lectures (xD) and bears

    Crush: N/A
    Mate: N/A
    Pups: N/A
    Friends/Enemies: N/A

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