Dawn of Time

Welcome to the Dawn of Time.
Will you join or leave? Fight or flee?

You find yourself if a place of black and grey, will you find your way?

Check out the information on the environment on which you now roam. Will you be a survivor? Will you fight or flee? Stay or Leave? Welcome to the Dawn of Time....

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    Post  Anevay on Tue Sep 11, 2012 11:42 pm

    Figured this would be good to help everyone get an idea of the land around them in RP.

    -Main Camp-
    The main camp rests in a large Valley that long ago ran dry. Holes are dug into the sides of the rock forming dens. There is a rock that acts as a ledge. Climbing up the ledge Is a large opening with the Central Meeting/conference area. Inside the walls moss hangs almost acting as a barrier. There are other openings in the conference area, acting as dens for the Three Alpha's. Curious pups usually find their way up the ledge and into the dens. Fallen trees act to help wolves get in and out of the main camp. It is in the heart of the territory and the largest central camp. (There are four other Camps, The Northern, Southern, Eastern and Western Camps. They are more desolate and each have their own training/ specialty. Relatively all wolves live in the main camp, but apprentices are commonly brought out for assessments and such there.)

    As we know the land is black and grey, the most colorful things are the wolves themselves. As the wolves grow the bonds that hold together a real back the colors return, and the land starts to slowly evolve back to the true haven it was once thought to be. Once you climb out of the valley where the pack lays, it is a wide clearing that gives way to trees and brush. Above the valley nature lives like it would in any other place, but life is hard. Some animals didn't adapt quick enough, therefor dying and making prey sometimes hard.

    The temperature can grow to extremes especially if you are running on lack of food or water. Heat exhaustion usually takes over from there. At night on unlucky times it grows to well below 0. On typical nights, it is still quite cold. Cold enough where usually close friends usually seek refuge together, as it's too cold alone. On a nice day, the temperature is mildly warm but can grow to be humid. Overall, the temperature's grow to great extremes.

    Winter- 2 1/2-3 1/2 hours of light
    Spring- 7-9 hours of light
    Summer- 12-18 hours of light
    Fall- 6-8 hours of light

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