Dawn of Time

Welcome to the Dawn of Time.
Will you join or leave? Fight or flee?

You find yourself if a place of black and grey, will you find your way?

Check out the information on the environment on which you now roam. Will you be a survivor? Will you fight or flee? Stay or Leave? Welcome to the Dawn of Time....

    Pack Rules


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    Pack Rules Empty Pack Rules

    Post  Anevay on Tue Sep 11, 2012 11:06 pm

    - Do not back sass any member of the pack. I don't care about the rank. Every member needs to be treated with respect. If you have any problems with any member of the pack be sure to report to me or one of the moderators of our website.
    -Respect is key. Adding on to rule one. I really want to emphasize this. respect is the key to having a good time in our pack. You will NOT be allowed to stay in the pack if you don't show the respect towards everyone in the pack.
    - No vulgar language. Please, we don't know who is joining the pack and it comes along with respect. If anyone is caught using it in places that are not allowed they will receive a warning. Three warnings and you're out.
    - Each member has the ability to rejoin the pack ONCE after they screw up. Although it must be after a month or two's time of the incident. Timing will be discussed among the head of the pack, depending on what you did.
    - Please just no drama. We do not want a drama filled pack. That will take the fun out of the pack and will just get plain old annoying after a while. If you try to bring any sort of drama into our role plays or anywhere in the pack, you will receive a warning. These warnings will weigh onto the three that send you out.
    - If you cannot have enough time to become a member, but can pack friend, you are still considered a pack member.
    - Pack Friends will not be able to participate in mainstream Role plays.
    - Stay Active please, that way we can stay a strong pack and gain members.
    -If school, or real life get's in the way, please don't hesitate to ask for a MIA/EFA (stands for Missing in Action), which allows you to be excused until you have time.
    - I'm just going to cut the rest short, Have fun ^^
    -Please follow the WQ guidelines on our pack topic on the forums. And Please follow our Pack and our forum rules.

    Thank you guys for reading. I know it's boring but rules need to keep order.

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